North Idaho Sunset Over The Rathdrum Prairie Copyright © 2012 Lenny Gemar Photography
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Kootenai County NWS Weather Station EW2818
Temp 36° F - Humidity 94%
Wind SE Calm - Precip Today 0.03"

External Links

The following links are offered to enhance your amateur radio experience. While we have reviewed these links, they do not necessarily represent the views of KARS or its members..

  ID - ARRL - Amateur Radio Relay League - Idaho
  ID - BARC - Boundary Amateur Radio Club
  ID - BCARC - Bonner County Amateur Radio Club
  ID - CIARC - Central Idaho Amateur Radio Club - Serves Idaho, Adams, and Valley Counties
  ID - KARS - Kootenai Amateur Radio Society
  ID - SCARS - Shoshone County Amateur Radio Society
  U.S. - ARRL - Amateur Radio Relay League
  WA - EWARG - Eastern Washington Amateur Radio Group
  WA - KBARA - Kamiak Butte Amateur Repeater Association - Spokane, WA
  WA - SDXA - Spokane DX Association
  WA - SRG - Spokane Repeater Group
  WA - VHF Club - Inland Empire VHF Radio Amateurs Club
  ARRL Contests - Listing of ARRL-sanctioned contests
  Contesting Tips - 30 contesting tips by K9JY - The Sport of Amateur Radio
  CQ Contests - Listing of CQ Amateur Radio-sponsored contests
  Learn CW Online - Provides various CW generators to help learn or become more proficient in CW.
  SCARS CW Practice - Learn CW in 20 short lessons
  Electronics Fundamentals - Electronics Lessons - provided by ROHM Semiconductors
Emergency Group/Agency
  ID - 911 - Bonner County
  ID - ARES - Boundary County
  ID - ARES - Idaho State
  ID - ARES/RACES - Bonner County
  ID - ARES/RACES - Kootenai County
  ID - Emergency Management - Bonner County
  ID - Sheriff's Office - Bonner County
  ID - Sheriff's Office - Kootenai County
  U.S. - NOAA - SkyWarn
  WA - ARES - Spokane County
  WA - WSAres - Washington State Amateur Emergency Communications
  AA9PW - AA9PW FCC Practice Exams
  ARRL Practice Exams - Practice Exams - Practice Exams -
  Ham Test Online - Considered by some of our members to be the most comprehensive and useful test site
  Ham Testing - On-line amateur license test questions
  NCVEC - National Conference of Volunteer Examiner Coordinators Practice Exams - Practice Exams -
  EchoLink - Home Page
  EchoLink Station Manual - Official EchoLink Document - 55 Pages
  EchoLink User's Guide - Official EchoLink Document - 73 Pages
  IRLP - Internet Repeater Linking Project
  IRLP - Node Listings
  PNW DMR - Pacific NorthWest Digital Mobile Radio
  WinLink - Amateur Radio-based E-Mail Backbone
  Band Conditions - CONUS Graphical Band Conditions
  DX Maps - Real-time Propogation
  Repeater Book - Repeaters within 50 Miles of KARS
  DX Engineering - Online ham radio and related equipment
  HRO - Ham Radio Outlet - Online and walk-in stores
  WIMU - Wyoming Idaho Montana Utah ham radio equipment for sale or swap
  NWS Kootenai County Weather - Weather forecast for Kootenai County - NWS Spokane
  NWS Skywarn - NWS home page for Skywarn Storm Spotter Program
  NWS Spokane - National Weather Service, Spokane, WA
  Storm Spotting - A compendium of Storm Spotter information and resources